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Infrastructure Management Team

The Power of I.T Automation and Reliablity

We are a team of experts in devops and infrastructure management. We help you automate, optimize, and secure your IT operations. Whether you need cloud migration, container orchestration, continuous integration and delivery, or monitoring and troubleshooting, we have the skills and experience to deliver high-quality solutions.

Feel the power of I.T Automation and Skilled DevOps team at your beck-n-call. Reach out to our sales team for further information on how your organization can use DevOps in your day-to-day applications

Increase Product Availability & Make Devs Happy

DevOps Services are essential for any organization that wants to deliver software products faster and more reliably. DevOps Services enable a culture of collaboration and automation between development and operations teams, reducing errors and improving quality. AiwaDigitals DevOps Services also leverage the power of scalability, allowing organizations to adjust their resources and performance according to their needs and demands.

We can setup the combined practices of continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery or continuous deployment (CD) for your organization such that your developers can focus on their job, Creating good code.

Focus On Your Tasks, Not Navigating the I.T Seas

DevOps services are a set of practices and tools that automate and streamline the processes of software development and delivery. By using DevOps services, software developers and other employees can focus on their core tasks instead of working on IT operations. DevOps services enable faster and more reliable software releases, improved collaboration and communication, and enhanced customer satisfaction. DevOps services include continuous integration, continuous delivery, configuration management, monitoring, testing, and feedback.

This impossible feat is achieved by outsourcing your I.T Operations to our team of skilled DevOps Engineers at AiwaDigitals. Contact our sales team for more information of how we can help you and pricing.

Website Transfer pack.

200 ر.ع.

and upwards.

We can transfer and setup your websites on any hosting provider

  • Shared Hosting
  • Managed Hosting Providers
  • Unmanaged Hosting Providers.
  • Cloud Hosts.
  • LAMP to LEMP Upgrade
  • Caching Integration
  • Other performance optimizations

Auto-Scaling Setup

500 ر.ع.

and upwards.

  • Dynamically Increase or Decrease resources
  • Cost Optimizations tweaks
  • Monolithic to serverless
  • Intelligent Infra reporting
  • Highly-Available (HA) Systems Setup

Network & Security

400 ر.ع.

and upwards.

  • CDN Implementation
  • WAF and Anti-DDOS Setup
  • HTTPS+SSL Implementation
  • Server Setup & Diagnosis
  • Other Optimizations

A Gallery of Most Recent Projects

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Renaissance Group Website Development

Under The Hood – Our Developer Team

Hello, I Am Sameer, A Web-developer, DevOps and I.T Solutions developer with over 10 years of experience in creating amazing websites and applications for 100+ clients. I have a passion for coding, designing, and optimizing web solutions that meet the needs and expectations of my customers.

I have expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Shopify, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Monolithic & Distributed Cloud Systems and more. I am also Certified by A.W.S & Oracle Cloud Services. I’m always eager to learn new skills and technologies to enhance my portfolio and deliver high-quality results.

With my team of 12 Developers, Site Reliability Engineers, DevOps Engineers and the excellent staff of AiwaDigitals, We can make the I.T Product that exceeds your expectations.

Sameer .I. Siddiqui
SDE-II, Developer Ops & I.T Outsourcing.
Write to me – [email protected]

AiwaDigitals Web Development Team

Our Tech-Stack Is Vast & Versetile

Coded Solutions





Ready for new experiences?

With industry leading practices, We @ AiwaDigitals assure you that our services and products will be more than your expectations. Reach out to our Sales team for further pricing and assitance.

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